That's all folks.... 

Jull Cars has been here now helping 200SX/Silvia owners for sixteen years! But the time has come to say goodbye.
The Jull Cars pages will close at the end of 2019.

I sincerely thank all my hundreds of thousands of visitors over the years for their interest and am humbled that I have helped so many!

Combination calliper/handbrake solutions are not as good as dedicated calliper/disc and independent parking brake solutions. The S14 and S15 both have rear combination brakes. A relatively straightforward conversion is to fit the rear brake setup from the Z32 300ZX.

Fitting a boost gauge is a relatively simple task when you know where and what to look for. It is more fiddly than difficult. I have provided a number of photos to assist in the fitting of a gauge into a A-Pillar GReddy mounting pod.


If you are running more than 12psi of boost, you should really upgrade your fuel pump. The standard fuel pump will start struggling to deliver enough fuel above this and that means your could start running lean at higher revs. Running lean means Det and bye-bye engine. Even if you simply need to replace the fuel pump, replace it with an uprated pump, as it will undoubtably be cheaper than the Nissan replacement.

Boost valve or Free Boost Upgrade? Which is best?

The A'PEXi AVC-R (Actuator Valve Controller Type-R) is probably THE best electronic boost controller current available. It allows control over exactly how much boost to apply AND where to apply it throughout all gears and revs.

Standard Recirculation Valve Removal