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A pictorial guide to fitting a C's short shifter gear lever. No written instructions accompany this guide.

Uprated Wing Mounted Inter-cooler

Cold air is the like the Holy Grail to a turbocharged engine. The colder the air entering, the better the performance. The way to achieve this is to 'charge cool' the air using an inter-cooler. Unfortunately, the S14/a is not blessed with a particularly large inter-cooler

Try breathing-out through your nose whilst half pinching your nostrils. This is akin to what your engine has to do to get exhaust gases past a catalytic converter! This obviously has an impact on the car's performance. It is a simple matter to replace the cat with a de-cat pipe.

Every car, by nature, has a degree of body flex whilst driving. This flexing causes the handling to be jittery on uneven surfaces and in intense driving situations. It is possible to reduce this significantly by fitting a strut brace in the engine bay. It is possible to get rear strut braces, but this guide deals with the more common front brace.

A lot of people like to make their S14 a bit more anonymous by de-badging it. This is fine, however, when the Nissan badge is removed from the bonnet, you are left with two locator pin holes to fill somehow. This is why I preferred the replace the badge with an alternative.

Fancy giving your instrument pod a bit more of a sports look? Fitting a set of white dials can transform the look of your dash and lighten a dark interior (if only marginally!).