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Have you noticed how exposed your radiator is behind the front bumper air scoop? All it takes is a piece of gravel or debris to be thrown up by something in front and a bit of bad luck and you will have a punctured radiator. If you fitted an expensive Front Mounted Intercooler, it is even more a risk. I decided to see what I could do about this.

Things you will need in advance are a piece of mesh large enough to fit the scoop (the S14a scoop is bigger than the S14), some 100mm strips of metal wire, and bonding compound. The mesh I initially used was aluminium. I would strongly advise against this as it deteriorates and forms white rust. The mesh I now have is stainless steel 'MG type' diamond pattern, which I bought from my local Halfords. You will also need a cutting knife (or thin hacksaw blade), some wire cutters and a 10mm socket.

Undo the engine undertray before starting as this give much better access to the air scoop.

View beforeFigure 1


On an S14 you will need to remove the cross-members in the scoop. Use a cutting knife or hacksaw blade, and cut carefully. It is far too easy to slip and scrape the bumper.

The scoop bracesFigure 2


With the cross-members removed (Figure 3) you can touch up the plastic that you cut away if you wish. On a darker coloured bumper it isn't that noticeable. Take this opportunity to thoroughly T-cut the scoop.

Braces removedFigure 3


Cut out a piece of mesh bigger than the scoop and try it for size by feeding it in from underneath. The mesh will probably need several trimmings before its the right size.

I initially bonded the mesh to the bumper. This is a very fiddly process and is a right pain if you want to change the mesh later (which I did!). What I did second time around was use strips of wire which I stuck to the hidden inside edge of the scoop using bonding compound. This allowed the mesh to be added and removed easily by simply twisting the wire when in place.

Mesh ready for fittingFigure 4


I had plenty of mesh left to replace the stuff in my Navan grille too.

Mesh up closeFigure 5


Judging by the amount of debris I now collect in the scoop each week, I know I made the right decision to fit the mesh. It also makes the front look more aggressive.

Cool!Figure 6

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