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A lot of people like to make their S14 a bit more anonymous by de-badging it. This is fine, however, when the Nissan badge is removed from the bonnet, you are left with two locator pin holes to fill somehow. This is why I preferred the replace the badge with an alternative.

There are many choices but I liked the S15 Silvia badge. These are rather difficult to get hold of and, as a result, you can land-up paying a fortune for one. Luckily my contacts in Australia came to the rescue and picked one up from a local Nissan dealer (thanks Dad!). A very reasonable £15.60 equivalent.

Fitting the badge

You will need some boiling water, fishing line or strong nylon thread, fingernails, polish and a lot of elbow grease. Oh, and the new badge!


Pour the boiling water all over and round the old badge to soften its adhesive. Use the fishing line or thread to cut through the adhesive under the badge edges. There are two locator pins, one under the first S and the other under the A. Once you have cut the adhesive as much as possible, carefully lift the badge edges. The badge should lift off.

Nissan badgeFigure 1


You will be left with a scene of devastation as in Figure 2. This is where the fingernails come into play! Carefully peel all the adhesive from the paintwork. If you rush it, you may damage the paint. Try not to scratch the paint with your nails. Once you have removed as much adhesive as possible, you have to polish the rest out. This will take a while!

Badge removedFigure 2


After all the frenzied polishing, you will have a nice clean, shiny surface! (Figure 3) You can clearly see the two offending pin holes.

Clean surface!Figure 3


If using an S15 Silvia badge like mine, you will have to cut the single pin off the back. Ensure the paintwork is completely spotless. For best results do the following when the bonnet is hot. Remove the badge backing and carefully align the badge so that it covers both pin holes. Alignment needs to be taken from the red S, NOT the silver S. In other words, ensure that the horizontal part of the red S is parallel with the front of the bonnet. If using an S14 Silvia badge it will have two pins and be much simpler!

S15 Silvia badgeFigure 4


S15 Silvia badgeFigure 5


 A nice touch (for an S14) is to move the rear 200SX badge down between the light clusters. It moves the focus away from the lights themselves.

Rear 200SX badgeRear 200SX badge

Christian Jull

During his 'car years', Christian owned, ran and modified a Nissan 200SX (S14) and Nissan Silvia Spec R (S15). He was an active staff member of the UK 200SX Owners Club and one of the founding members of the S15 Owners Club. He owned and administered the club for ten years. Over the course of five years of Nissan ownership, Christian wrote modification guides to aid others. These guides have proved very popular with 200SX/Silvia owners all over the world.

Included with the guides is a record of car ownership over a ten year period.

Christian is now car-less and lives in the public-transport-friendly city of Helsinki in Finland.