Twin rear fog lamps

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Euro spec S14s come fitted with a rear bumper insert for the Euro size numbers plates and fog lamps. In another bizzare display of penny pinching, Nissan only fitted one working fog lamp. The other is a blanking unit. This as all fine and dandy until you need to turn your fogs on and start receiving the 'one of your fogs is out, mate' comments. It also looks unbalanced.

Luckily Nissan makes fully working units for both sides due to the LHD and RHD markets. You can order a LHD fog lamp from your local dealer using part number 26585-74F10. The unit comes with an electrical connector, but no matching loom connector, so you will either have to buy that separately, acquire one from a scrap yard or, as I did, piggyback the electrics to the existing unit.


Existing fog lampsThe existing units

LH unit in placeLHD unit in place

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Christian Jull

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