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You will be very lucky if you have don't have at least one dodgy folding mirror on your S15! If you have thought that you'll have to buy a new wing mirror to sort the problem - you're wrong. Nissan, in a rare moment of forethought, designed the wing mirrors so that the electric mirror motor and power fold motor can be replaced separately, thus saving you a shedload of money.

It is best to order these parts direct from Japan via or 

Part numbers:

Mirror motors:

LH: 96366-85F00
RH: 96365-85F00

Power fold motors:

LH: 96370-85F00
RH: 96369-85F00

Instructions of how to replace the power fold motor are not included in the English workshop manual.

Replacing the mirror motor is a doddle, but the power fold is more complex. To replace just a mirror motor, ignore all the instructions about removing the door trim and mirror and go straight to the bit about levering the mirror glass off. All the mirror motor instruction can be done with the wing mirror in situ.

You are going to need a crosshead and flathead screwdriver, a 10mm socket, long-nosed pliers and some wire cutters.


Firstly, the door trim need to be removed to allow the wing mirror to be unbolted. Figure 1 shows the location of all the screws., The door release trim panel need gently levering up from the right hand edge (arrowed yellow).

Remove door trimFigure 1 - Remove door trim


There is a screw behind a small plastic tab in the recessed door handle (Figure 2-1). The small panel in the main door handle needs gently levering up from the bottom edge (Figure 2-2) and the 10mm bolt (Figure 2-3) undoing. The door panel should now be free to lift away. It will still have wires connected to it, so just lower it from the door.

Removing handleFigure 2 - Removing handle


Remove the plastic panel immediately behind the wing mirror. This should be done by gently pulling the plastic from under the rubber door trim on the outermost edge (Figure 3). The retaining bolts will now be revealed.

Remove mirror trimFigure 3 - Remove mirror trim


Unclip the electrical connector (Figure 4) and unbolt the wing mirror using a 10mm socket (Figure 5).

Unclip connectorFigure 4 - Unclip connector


Unbolt mirrorFigure 5 - Unbolt mirror


The wing mirror should now lift away from the door (Figure 6). Carefully pull the electrical connector through and lift the unit free.

Remove mirrorFigure 6 - Remove mirror


Gently push the top edge of the mirror glass inwards. This will push the bottom edge out. Turn the unit upside down and look through the gap now created. You will see two definite grooves between the mirror backing and the motor behind. Using a suitably sized flathead screwdriver, place the head in the gap and gently lever the mirror away from the motor (Figure 7). Repeat for the other slot. The mirror glass will now by free to remove. 

Remove mirror glassFigure 7 - Remove mirror glass


The white-faced mirror motor will now be visible. Undo the three arrowed screws in Figure 8 and turn the motor over (towards the wing mirror mount). The power fold motor is now visible underneath. On the back of the mirror motor you will see two flat connectors. The top connector is white, the bottom black. Pull these out and the mirror motor can be lifted free (Figure 9). 

Remove mirror motorFigure 8 - Remove mirror motor


Remove mirror motor connectorsFigure 9 - Remove mirror motor connectors


If replacing just the mirror motor, push the connectors into the new motor and reassemble.

If replacing the power fold motor, the fun starts now. Undo the three screws on the base of the wing mirror (Figure 10) and lift the housing away from the mount to reveal the motor swivel. Undo the screw (Figure 11-1) and lift the wiring free from the swivel (Figure 11-2). 

Remove these three screwsFigure 10 - Remove these three screws


Undo screw '1' and lift freeFigure 11 - Undo screw '1' and lift free


Undo the three arrowed screws holding the fold unit to the housing (Figure 12). The motor will now be loose, but cannot be removed from the wing mirror due to wiring.

Undo three mirror fold motor screwsFigure 12 - Undo three mirror fold motor screws


Remember those flat mirror motor connectors? Turn them over and look at the metal connector side. These 90 degree spade connectors need releasing from the plastic. They should just pull out (Figure 13). The order of the wires is as follows:White connector

Left = yellow
Right = greenBlack connector

Left = blue
Right = purple

You will need that information later.

Remove connectors from holderFigure 13 - Remove connectors from holder


Turn the fold motor so that you can see where two wires (pink and orange) enter (Figure 14). The wires are held in by a grommet connector and needs removing using long-nosed pliers, as shown (Figures 14 & 15). 

Remove grommetFigure 14 - Remove grommet


Pull connector outFigure 15 - Pull connector out


All of these wires are threaded through the power fold motor swivel (look back at Figure 11). This is to allow them to remain static when the motor swivels the wing mirror around them. Remove a portion of the wrap around the wiring at the swivel end (Figure 16).

Pull back wrapFigure 16 - Pull back wrap


Remove the insulating tape around the wires marked '1' in Figure 17. You will have to pull the wires through the fold motor a small amount to be able to remove all the tape. Do not try to pull any wires out of the motor yet. Once the tape is removed pull each wire in the main bundle through the motor individually. You will find that the 90 degree spade connectors are just fractionally too big to fit through. Carefully, but firmly pull the connectors through the hole. They will go, but need persuading. You may land up bending them slightly. Don't worry about this, just try to minimise this. Once all of these connector wires are through, pull the rubber grommet connector through. This will need to be pushed through using the pliers.

Phew! All the wires are through and the fold motor is finally free to remove!

Pull wires throughFigure 17 - Pull wires through


Turn the motor over and remove the plastic plate around the swivel (Figure 18). Attach the same plate to the new motor.

Take this opportunity to give the wing mirror housing a good clean.

Transfer plastic plateFigure 18 - Transfer plastic plate


OK. Everything in reverse now. The grommet connector needs forcing through the hole in the new motor first and inserting back into place (Figure 15). Then each wire in turn.

Place the fold motor into position and screw it to the housing (Figure 19). Replace the screw in the swivel and clip the wiring back into the swivel (Figure 11).

Screw new motor into housingFigure 19 - Screw new motor into housing


Straighten any of the 90 degree spade connectors which require it and clip them back into the flat plastic holders in the order noted above (Figure 13).

Reattach the connectors to the mirror motor and screw the motor into place (Figure 20).

Re-attach connectors and mirror motorFigure 20 - Re-attach connectors and mirror motor


Reattach the mirror glass to the mirror motor.

Screw the wing mirror to the mounting (Figure 10).

Thread the mirror connector back through the door and join with the internal connector (Figure 4)

Reattach the wing mirror.

Replace door trim.


You're done!

Christian Jull

During his 'car years', Christian owned, ran and modified a Nissan 200SX (S14) and Nissan Silvia Spec R (S15). He was an active staff member of the UK 200SX Owners Club and one of the founding members of the S15 Owners Club. He owned and administered the club for ten years. Over the course of five years of Nissan ownership, Christian wrote modification guides to aid others. These guides have proved very popular with 200SX/Silvia owners all over the world.

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